TOD (Transit Oriented Development)

TOD’s is a buzzword making the rounds in city planning circles.  It’s ironic that it’s really just a throwback to what happened with the old trolly and local rail lines from over a hundred years ago.  The idea is that retail and higher density housing grows around stations and results in satellite hubs spread out around a larger city. 

The light rail project has kick-started a large number of development efforts up and down the I-25 corridor.  Some of these are already in place (prior to the opening of the line this November 17th) while others are only a concept sketch. 

I’m very happy that we have found a spot for a house so close to the only “kiss and ride” station on the new line.  With a few blocks walk to public transportation, a grocery store (Wild Oats) and Old South Pearl Street just around the corner, it’s the stuff great neighborhoods are made of!