Bamboo Flooring


Our Duro Design bamboo flooring arrived two weeks ago and has been acclimating to the dry weather we have here in Denver.  We are still waiting for the treads and risers to wrap the stairs, but the crew started installing it in the bedrooms upstairs. The durability of the finish is pretty amazing. Good thing, because other than ceramic tile in the two bathrooms, our entire house is filled with this stuff! The color is “off-white”, giving it a more bleached look than natural finish would offer. 

    We haven’t been able to find floor registers to match the finish, so we’ll have to sand down ones purchased from Four Winds in Boulder and use some extra finish from Duro to finish them off.

Railings Arrive


Jerimo came over to install the railings the other day.  The powder coating took a little longer than we anticipated, but it looks good.  We installed the railings before the flooring because of a fastening detail - the balusters attach to the stringers underneath the stairs so that all the connections and fasteners are hidden.

We found some solid bamboo accessories from Four Winds Bamboo up in Boulder - a nicely crafted horizontal handrail precut and pre-finger-jointed.  This will be cut out as a cap for the top handrail.  We also purchased flat floor registers from them.