With a number of trades in and out of our project now for the last nine months, the value of a good sub has become abundantly clear.  It’s amazing that so many installers don’t really value what they are creating or feel responsibility for getting it done on time. 

The older themes of journeyman or craftsmen doesn’t seem to be a part of so many trades these days, at least in this part of the country. 

So, when a sub comes in, asks a lot of questions, checks and rechecks what they need to do, and then delivers on time, it’s truly a breath of fresh air. We have been lucky enough to get a few of them, and they will be the ones we look to for the next project.  That’s exactly it, their performance is passed on via word of mouth, or as a  direct reference for the next project.  How can that not be important?! 

Perhaps the tract housing mentality has permeated so many trades, that only super high-end projects get subs of the caliber I’m speaking of.