Art Room Cork


We spent a recent weekend installing two large cork panels in the Art Room for the little ones.  Having a spot where they can pin up all their drawings really changes the feel of the room.  Homasote makes these panels with a natural cork tackable surface with their recycled paper backer board.  Read about the product here:  Homasote NovaCork

For the Little Ones


The girls are getting set up with the tables and the supplies to work their craft as often as their hearts desire...

We received some simple little IKEA tables yesterday, and they will be covered in markers and paint soon.

The dining table can get a break after being bombarded with markers and permanent pens for years now.  I think it will need a full-on refinishing.

Sliding Door

The big sliding door to the Office/Art Room is one step closer to being complete.  I picked up the polycarbonate infill panels from Boulder Plastics a few days ago, and we’ve got them temporarily installed in the door. 

It does glow nicely at night as we had anticipated, however, we still haven’t figured out a good stop mechanism.  It would be nice to have the flexibility to take the panels out at a future date...