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sclarkson rear courtyard during construction & completed

sclarkson rear courtyard during construction & completed

Welcome to our build-blog.  Our architecture studio web site can be found here: Cadence Design Studio

Please explore this site for all the posts about the design and construction of this modern home from nearly a decade ago.

We'll keep this blog up as a resource to those who are interested in the process and would like to research building a modern dwelling in Denver.

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Angelo & Nancy

Galvalume - Metal Siding Everyone Loves

By far the most commented on and requested material on the blog is the Garage Metal Siding (the cedar siding on the main house comes in as second).  Nearly everyone we meet that has been by the house mentions the garage siding.  Many people are so in to it that they then drive down the alley to check it out up close.  Don’t get us wrong, we love it too, but covering the entire house with it probably would have been overkill, not to mention a bit noisy with expansion and contraction.

The beauty of Galvalume is that it behaves so differently based on the lighting condition – it can vary from a very light aluminum silver all the way to a very dark blue gray color.  There is a richness to this finish that goes beyond anything a simple paint finish can ever achieve. Plus, it is way nicer than any standard metal siding we have seen.

The concealed fastener version of this metal panel also keeps the focus on the panel and corrugated pattern vs. the distraction of exposed fasteners.  We used Berridge’s HR-16 wall panel in their “Pre-weathered Galvalume” finish.  The installation is fairly straightforward--we used an OSB substrate with felt over a simple 2x6 stud wall.

Check out the installation photos to see it going in and some of the finished photos too.


Finished Interior Photos

Michael Deleon worked his magic and photographed the interior of our home before we made way for the new owners. Check out more of his work here: www.michaeldeleonphoto.com/

Exterior Photos

With the landscape work completed just before Halloween, we decided we should get some pro photos before all the trees lose their leaves. Unfortunately, we were not able to complete all the landscaping due to lack of plants at the end of the season.  Once the beds are complete and grow out a bit more, we will take some additional shots.

We hired Michael Deleon, professional photographer extraordinaire, for this task. For the above shot he arrived before the sun came up!

Interior shots coming soon...

Urban Gardening

We made a trip up to the greenhouse over the weekend to get some veggies, herbs, and flowers for the kids to plant in the new rolling planters we received from FoodMap Design. These planters are made from recycled milk jugs. Totally cool that we can roll them around for water and sun.

Bike Commuting from Platt Park

Click on the image above for a slideshow of Denver Bike Sharing - Bcycle & MapMyRide Maps

Denver Bike Share - Platt Park

In addition to the excellent neighborhood light rail access a few blocks away (Louisiana Pearl Station), a great addition to the area is B-cycle, the Denver Bike Sharing program. There are 50 bike stations throughout the city, and two of these "kiosks" are in the Platt Park neighborhood.  One is located at the light rail stop, and the other in the heart of Old South Pearl St. at the intersection of Florida and S. Pearl.  It's very handy for grabbing a bike to head downtown, Cherry Creek North, or even a quick ride to the grocery store (big baskets on the front of all bikes).  B-cycle has a web site and iPhone app - so if you are trying to find a station, or figure out which station has bikes or empty docks, the web site or app gives you all the info. 

Keep in mind that the system is setup for sharing a bike for a ride between stations, not renting it for the day.  You can get a 24 hour pass or yearly membership and the first 30 minutes is free.  If you keep the bike longer (lock it somewhere vs. returning it to another station), there are fees involved. Check out more details on their web site: 


Bike Commuting from Platt Park

For commuting on your bike, there is now a bike lane up Emerson Street so you can get to the Cherry Creek bike path more easily.  Once there, you can get to Cherry Creek North or Downtown via the path without having to deal with street level traffic.  From my experience, I’ve been riding to LoDo in nearly the same time it takes to get there during rush hour in a car.  If you want to add a little time and different scenery to your ride back to Platt Park, check out the Platt River option too (second link below).

Check out a couple of the various routes we have mapped out on the cycling web site MapMyRide.com:



Platt Park’s Transformation - Old South Pearl, Light Rail, etc.

The T-Rex project and the recent completion of a neighborhood light rail stop have been a catalyst for new building and investment in Platt Park over the last few years.  As illustrated through an excellent walkscore (www.walkscore.com), the neighborhood contains many of the amenities that make a community sustainable.  The access to parks, good public transit, restaurants, and a Whole Foods Market are just some of what so many of the “new urbanist” developments strive for.   

Historically, Old South Pearl Street offered a mixed use retail/residential corridor with the trolley running through it. Retaining its original character, Old South Pearl has flourished and has now become an extremely vibrant area, with some of Denver’s top restaurants and cafes, as well as, a variety of specialty boutiques and shops. 

Within the last few years, much of the new retail has added more appeal to the neighborhood resident.  Pajama Baking Company provides excellent fresh bread and pastries for the daily shopper, and during the summer, the Sunday farmers market provides access to the freshest locally grown vegetables and fruits.  Complementing the farmers market is live music, as well as the trendy food trucks.

Sushi Den (consistently rated the top sushi in Denver) has sustained an amazing following.  It’s a destination restaurant which helps bring additional shoppers to the boutiques, bars, and pubs to give these establishments a better chance of supporting an otherwise small neighborhood.  The owners of Sushi Den have recently expanded to two new restaurants which are both on S. Pearl - Izakaya Den and Ototo Food & Wine.

Many visitors have realized the advantage of living closer to this vibrant community center and have moved into the neighborhood.  The housing prices in Platt Park are comparable to Wash Park, while still being within easy walking distance to the park.  With the light rail, Whole Foods Market, and more urban amenities, it is now one of the more desirable places in to live in Metro Denver!  

The appeal of the neighborhood continues to attract new boutiques and restaurants...as well as new home projects around the area, which we will highlight in the next post.

Some of our favorite spots along Old South Pearl Street:

Pearl Street Grill

Stella’s Coffee Haus

India’s on Pearl

Sushi Den

Five Green Boxes

Pajama Baking Company

Gaia Bistro

Kaos Pizza

The Ruffly Rose

Park Burger

Old South Pearl St Web Site:


Playing with FLOR



We've followed Interface's FLOR tiles for a while now and it's nice to finally have a spot to experiment with them.  The girls had fun trying out different schemes, and after we lamented the fact that the "red" really looked pink, Nina came up with a good alternative to the checker board pattern.  We will add one more row of black to fill up the front foyer.