Contemporary Residential

Finished Interior Photos

Michael Deleon worked his magic and photographed the interior of our home before we made way for the new owners. Check out more of his work here:

Getting Close

We are still working out the details on what we can afford on the landscape, so in the mean time, here are some “nearly finished photos” to tide you over.

Click on the image above to see a cool pop up sequence of large images.

The Dwell Factor

Anybody involved with modern residential is probably going to know about Dwell magazine. The magazine is a great inspiration to us, although so many of the homes they feature are way out of our league. We still fight over who gets the read the issue first.

Dwell has included modern prefab design in numerous issues. The idea has been around for a very long time (and had many fits and starts), but to their credit, what they spearheaded has really taken off. We both find modern prefab very intriguing, and we’ve pursued it as a viable alternative to a custom site built home. We met Charlie Lazor (FlatPak) and others from Empyream and discovered that a prefab house costs around $250-300 SF. And since I am an architect, naturally I really wanted to design the home :-)