Galvalume - Metal Siding Everyone Loves

By far the most commented on and requested material on the blog is the Garage Metal Siding (the cedar siding on the main house comes in as second).  Nearly everyone we meet that has been by the house mentions the garage siding.  Many people are so in to it that they then drive down the alley to check it out up close.  Don’t get us wrong, we love it too, but covering the entire house with it probably would have been overkill, not to mention a bit noisy with expansion and contraction.

The beauty of Galvalume is that it behaves so differently based on the lighting condition – it can vary from a very light aluminum silver all the way to a very dark blue gray color.  There is a richness to this finish that goes beyond anything a simple paint finish can ever achieve. Plus, it is way nicer than any standard metal siding we have seen.

The concealed fastener version of this metal panel also keeps the focus on the panel and corrugated pattern vs. the distraction of exposed fasteners.  We used Berridge’s HR-16 wall panel in their “Pre-weathered Galvalume” finish.  The installation is fairly straightforward--we used an OSB substrate with felt over a simple 2x6 stud wall.

Check out the installation photos to see it going in and some of the finished photos too.


Siding - Horizontal Cedar


The Haida cedar siding has arrived from the staining shop.  Nicholas and his crew started installation right after completing the door and window installation. 

We are getting our heads around the fact that the “representative” samples we received from the stack aren’t that spot on.  Considering our entire house is being covered with this stuff, its character will define it.  Unfortunately, there are some very, very dark pieces and a significant number of them. We were trying to achieve a more uniform and lighter look.

Nicholas has been dutifully blending the batch, but the outcome on the first two elevations is very stripey.  Some may see it as adding a richer character to the exterior, however, we had always envisioned it being a clear and even color throughout.  Nancy will explore some additional staining options - maybe we can tone the spectrum of color down a bit.

Other than being extremely wasteful (ordering a lot more than we need and picking through it), I don’t see many other options to getting a single color product from a mill. 

Garage Siding


Jerry’s crew from CO Metal Source have finished up the Galvalume metal siding on the garage.  They did a very good job on the trim and working with the installation of the metal panels with hidden fasteners.  The Galvalume has a nice warm color, however the corrugation is fairly industrial.  We might look into using some of the green screen ideas of the landscape as a way to soften some of the garage surfaces...

Siding-Take Two

Much better now.  We lost some sleep over this siding thing.  The contrasting stripes were getting to us.  Nancy and I spent a considerable amount of time sorting the entire stack of pre-stained clear cedar and sorted it into light, medium, and dark.

We suggested that the guys mix the two lighter varieties on the front and north elevations.  The result is a more subtle appearance and much more palatable to us.

Numerous people said they liked the “character” and “richness” of the dark mixed in, but there was just a little too much of that for us!  Another point that was made, is that by year two, the colorado sun will have this wood bleached out anyway...A big thanks to Nicholas and his crew - they did a fantastic job on the remaining areas of siding.

You’ll see the color differences depending on the location of the sun.