With the framing nearly complete, the garage has taken shape quickly -- and the lot is getting filled up.  The garage is pretty tall and should provide ample storage for us.

The tall clerestory windows provide some nice natural light while still providing security.  Jerry has ordered the Galvalume siding, so we eagerly await installation.

Doesn’t that flat roof look like a nice place for a rooftop garden?  According to Denver Zoning Code - upper roof decks/gardens towards the back of the lot are not allowed.  Got to wonder at the logic behind some of these zoning rules...

Check out more photos by clicking on the image above and accessing the pop-up sequence.

Plumbing-Mechanical Rough-In


The mechanical and plumbing sub-contractors have been working on the rough-ins.  It’s amazing how much abuse the studs and floor joists can take with all the holes and drilling -- and still perform!

We have specified a number of interior chases (exterior SIPs walls don’t really work for this) which are quickly filling up.