Getting Close

We are still working out the details on what we can afford on the landscape, so in the mean time, here are some “nearly finished photos” to tide you over.

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Kitchen - HenryBuilt

It’s Christmas time in May!  The Henrybuilt cabinets were delivered yesterday -- we met the truck and couldn’t wait to see everything.  All the cabinets arrived triple wrapped and undamaged - as far as we could tell.

What fun!  Eric and Mark worked on the installation of the cabinets today and made some great headway.  Another day on the island, and it will nearly be complete (with the exception of the countertops).

The quality of these cabinets is amazing. This was not really a surprise because we had been to the showroom and checked them out.   HenryBuilt’s attention to detail is top notch.  From the precision of the joinery to the quality of the plywood panels, it all has a very solid and beautiful feel. We are very happy with how the kitchen is turning out!