Playing with FLOR



We've followed Interface's FLOR tiles for a while now and it's nice to finally have a spot to experiment with them.  The girls had fun trying out different schemes, and after we lamented the fact that the "red" really looked pink, Nina came up with a good alternative to the checker board pattern.  We will add one more row of black to fill up the front foyer.

Art Room Cork


We spent a recent weekend installing two large cork panels in the Art Room for the little ones.  Having a spot where they can pin up all their drawings really changes the feel of the room.  Homasote makes these panels with a natural cork tackable surface with their recycled paper backer board.  Read about the product here:  Homasote NovaCork



Here are a few shots of the stairs and second level spaces - we still need to hang some artwork!



Our house isn’t a fish bowl anymore!  Nancy tracked down a great modern shade store online and we installed them over the past weekend.  It’s so nice to have some privacy and also cut out the sun glare early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

Most of our openings had plenty of space at the heads, however, the big sliding doors were tight with about 1-1/2” in depth.  We had thought about trying to recess the shades into a slot over the doors at one point, but it just wasn’t feasible price-wise.  In the end, they are still fairly non-obtrusive.

Here is the source:

Getting Close

We are still working out the details on what we can afford on the landscape, so in the mean time, here are some “nearly finished photos” to tide you over.

Click on the image above to see a cool pop up sequence of large images.

Sliding Door

The big sliding door to the Office/Art Room is one step closer to being complete.  I picked up the polycarbonate infill panels from Boulder Plastics a few days ago, and we’ve got them temporarily installed in the door. 

It does glow nicely at night as we had anticipated, however, we still haven’t figured out a good stop mechanism.  It would be nice to have the flexibility to take the panels out at a future date...



Mike and his crew are just about finished with the interior painting.  The superb job the drywallers did is evident in how good the ceilings and walls are coming out after a coat of primer and multiple coats of the final paint color.  We went with all off-whites for now - we may add some accents, but it’s not critical at the moment. 

The off-white of choice is Navajo White (more on the yellow or warm side).  It’s a bit different approach than what we’ve typically done (usually there is more contrast from one color to the next), but this time around we are trying out a more monochromatic color theme.  

Once we move in and experience the spaces in all the various lighting conditions, there will be some fine tuning and an effort to introduce some nice accent walls.

Tech Lighting


We received the final two Tech lighting fixtures the other day.  They are the same as the track fixtures, but in stainless instead of white.  These will hang from a single bar in the stairway for any artwork we might get in the future.

The fit and finish of these well-priced fixtures is great.  Now, if we could just get some great art at affordable prices...

Tech Lighting



Todd and Steve are hanging drywall now.  The transformation of the spaces is dramatic.  The main floor living space is feeling even better.  The mudroom and bedrooms feel smaller every day! 

The metal trim reveals and drywall returns haven’t been installed yet - it will be interesting to see this final detail take shape.